Monday, 22 September 2014

Discount codes!

Here are some discount codes I thought I'd share with you all. Trust me, they're great discounts for some great brands!! I receive these codes in my YBD box every month (Oh how I love this beauty box!) This month I thought I'd share the most exciting ones with my readers.

30% Off DrBronner Code YBD30 - Offer valid until 30/09/14
20% Off Daniel Sandler (First Purchases) Code YBDSE20 - Offer valid until 31/10/14
20% Off Eyeko Code YOU20 - Offer valid until 31/10/14
20% Off Pixi Code YOUPIXI20 - Offer valid until 1/11/14 (Instore and Online)
20% Off PerriconeMD Code PERYOU20 - Offer valid until 31/10/14
25% Off Wild About Beauty Code YBD25 - Offer valid until 1/11/14
20% Off Sanctuary Spa Code YOUBEAUTY20 - Offer valid until 31/10/14

Some great discounts right? Let me know If you end up picking anything up! Also, would anybody like me to do this every month? Let me know in the comments!x

Friday, 19 September 2014

If only life was full of rainbows


So where have I been? Ever since May I haven't really been uploading too often and what I have uploaded has probably been sitting in my drafts for far too long! I've been going through a lot of shit. I hadn't told anyone about how I was feeling until the other day so I guess this is my next big step!

What shall I even begin with? I think I'll just mush it all together! If any of you didn't know I finished college this year. What a roller coaster it was! As soon as my second year of A levels began we were all pushed to complete our personal statements and apply to University. So of course I went along with it and applied to Universities without knowing if I really wanted it. I thought I did but it turns out I didn't. I even had a big fat argument with my parents about what uni I should go to! 

After I had applied for the universities of my choice I started not going to one of my classes. I'll be honest, at first I did it simply because I didn't want to. There was no real reason. I'd always hated this particular class but I'd never skipped more than a few classes in a row. After I'd missed all these classes I was evaluating whether I should go back or not. I made the decision not to go back. After all I really hated it, didn't know anything about the damn subject, felt stupid and nobody really talked to me! It just made me feel like crap. College kept calling home for about a month and then they just gave up. I didn't go at all after that and nobody really chased it up.

After about a month I started skipping college as a whole. I would travel all the way over there then as soon as I'm at the door I'd just turn around and leave. I couldn't face it and had no idea why. I'd wonder around and get fresh air. I'd go to the park, do some shopping.. anything but go into college. I just felt so anxious! I even used to go home a few hours later than usual just to get the sunset in! I kept doing this for quite a while. Nobody knew about this. Not my teachers, friends or family. I'd find a way to avoid them finding out. I used to switch phones off, hide letters, tell white lies - the lot! Eventually I got a letter from college as I had a meeting with the principle. (YES, the freaking principle). I tried to get my head sorted for this meeting. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me! I googled every possible thing. Was it depression, was it anxiety, was I just crazy? First I thought it was depression. I called childline. Couldn't get a word out of my mouth. I was just crying the whole way through. I felt a bit better though. I didn't get to end the conversation with the woman I was talking to as my dad had just come home and I didn't want anyone to know. I was going to tell the principle everything maybe she could help me. Once I arrived at this meeting I realised it wasn't just me. It was a group meeting with a few others that weren't doing so well. I stayed back and before the last person walked out the door I burst into tears. Waterfalls more like. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move - nothing! Eventually I calmed down and explained everything to her. She said I'd just had a panic attack and my anxiety levels are high. She also told me to meet her every week at 8:45am so that we could go over what to do (especially as I'd missed so many lessons) I went over my plans- turns out I didn't really have one. She sort of helped me get my head straight and realise some things- Thanks Ellie!

After meeting with Ellie I slowly started going to my classes, all but one of them! I just couldn't get myself to go to it. After a few weeks I stopped meeting her and fell back into the routine I was in. *sigh* I then had another meeting with the person who was head of all the form classes. We concluded that the subject that I wasn't going to should be knocked off my timetable, so that happened. I then got offers from 4/5 of my university choices. I kept putting off accepting and declining and didn't really ever want to talk about it. Now that I realised that I was only doing two A-levels I was confused about what to do. When It came to the deadline date for accepting and declining the universities I was up all night thinking about what to do. Eventually I realised Uni wasn't for me and it wasn't what I wanted to do right now. Going to university didn't feel right. 

I didn't do very well in my exams; I expected it. I even missed one of my exams on accident. My timetable was printed wrong or I just can't read anything when I'm so anxious. Can I also just mention (Just getting everything off the chest!) that I've had literally no-one to tell this about. I tried to tell my mum, she didn't really get it. I don't have many 'true' friends to tell so that didn't happen. I only have the one friend who I only just recently told. She has a lot going on with her so I didn't bother plus she was away for a few months! 

So here I am! Currently I am an unemployed 18 year olds with pretty much 0 experience looking for a job and trying to figure out what she wants in life. I was thinking something down the beauty line? I love it, not very talented though. What about being a baker? I love travelling- something in that sector maybe? Any one got any tips?

-If only life was full of rainbows-


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